Monday, October 25, 2010

Banks (My farewell to HSBC)

So after being on the road this long its pretty clear I need to dump HSBC. Its been great, but you won't travel with me and you might (just might) have a branch in 1/5th of the places I've been. I'm walking around w all kinds of outstanding checks to deposit when we are finally reunited (for the last time).

That being said, I wonder if you being a foreign(ish) bank helps at all. I don't think you took bailout money like my 1st choice to replace you did (Bank of America). And even so is that a problem?

I'm not sure if you'd have a more cut and run attitude when sh*t hits the fan either. You are FDIC backed but then again it really would be nice to have a local branch to participate in a run on the bank scenario, if I so choose to, when the time comes.

So goodbye and good luck. I hope I don't develop an once of regret for this decision; a fleeting goal in so many of my previous breakups.

I'm in Juno Beach on my way to Miami. Ill fill in the Houston to FL stuff soon.
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