Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ha! Finally a daily post...

I'm in... Los Angeles. I'd need to look up what area to be exact. Beverly Hills is what google maps says LOL! I laugh because I can't believe it (that's the feeling I get when I show up anywhere whose name I recognize).

I'm going to stay tonight w Steven, son of a family friend that's so close she is basically an aunt which makes her three sons like cousins of mine. They all also grew up in the south end, so I'm just thrilled to have familiar folks to hang with (and stay with, can't emphasize that enough!) especially in a big city. Let me also not forget that I have two blood cousins here too, one that can't host (he's an RA on a campus) and the other, well I'm not sure, but he is farther down near san diego.

So I'm in the area for a while. I want to be done and heading east by Oct 1st at the latest and I just might meet that goal.

Max got to visit the Westminster Dog Park in Santa Monica! It was fun. We even met a woman who was walking her dog there that was living in a cave on the beach with her daughter until she could find a job. You'd never had know it either LOL. Who am I to speak, I look homeless right now with my dirty jeans, sandy crocs and I last showered in San Fran on Sunday night. so I kind of stand out here in Beverly Hills and yeah, I'm so glad that I'm going to get a shower tonight. Its like the new "getting laid" LOL.

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