Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big Sur to Lompoc

LOMPOC- sounds like a military acronym but it actually a native american named town just outside of a military/NASA base. They shot rockets off two night ago and have another launch that I will miss in three days.

So I stayed at Holiday Inn last night! "AT" not "IN", LOL. And apparently my appearance at the front desk this morning wasn't well presented because when I asked to use the bathroom I was shot down with a skeptical "Are you a guest here?!?". So I had to cross the street to Starbucks instead.

Big Sur was really nice. Desolate, very undeveloped for a vacation spot and nice beaches that all have a unique feature (this one has a freshwater waterfall into the ocean, this one has Jade deposits loose in the sand, etc.). The people, locals and tourists alike, were all friendly (oh, my!).

Max's tooth is healing fine. He ran around yesterday on the beach for most of the day. Sand Dollar Beach was a winner.

So I'm driving south, staying on the coast road ("1" which merges into and away from the more major "101" every 60 miles or so. "1" is a hell of a road. I counted 15 turns in 1 minute a few days ago and aside from a few 10 mile stretches of straight road one or twice a day, its rollarcoaster the whole way (with steep drop offs to keep you awake). The fog is another thing. Its either thick, thin or looming nearby. The whole way from Canada.

So I'm trying to get to Malibu today. I just got delayed by 5 hours to have my brake calipers replaced. Milea will be owing me money from the work they did or didn't do before I left NYC and I have the old parts in the car for ammo.
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