Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Usually wouldn't share this but it needs to be shared...

Amazing findings if they are true:

I'm in Armarillo TX on way to Austin.

Thanks to Jon (from Queens) for sending this link to me.

I drove from Greely, CO to TX. Its was a nice rural drive on 287 south. About an hour of the day was on the interstate, and almost two hours at night. Ahhhh! My rules are breaking down! My lodging streak will not be broken though ;)

I had dinner at a Texas style roadhouse place (a brit would see it as just a pub with huge bull horn racks on the wall, but here we have a special name for it). My waitress showed some interest in meeting up for a drink after her shift so I went along with it to see where things would go. After a brief tour of her tattoo's and explanations as to what cup size she choose for her implants and a full history on her long term BF who is in Austria for the year, it actually became apparent things wouldn't work out. I live in my car, she lives at home and has too much baggage in the distant BF guilt dept that all it was going to be was a nice chat (and tattoo tour). Holiday Inn could have gotten my money for once last night but it didn't.

I slept in Walmart and yes, this blog post is being written from a stall, LOL.

Let me brush my teeth and get out of here!
Have a good day,
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  1. Omg Mason you really are doing it! Its Bianca from Allen Hospital. email me @ biancapierreharrison@hotmail.com. hope all is well.