Friday, October 8, 2010

Made it to Mexico!

(One week ago Friday)
So I woke up today in La Jolla California. I drove more of the coast and then went to see Dan (a guy from couchsurfing that lives in San Diego). I'm going to stay with him for about two nights.

So my impressions of San Diego so far: Its much more of a military and border town than I thought. It seems to have a lot less of the laid back California vibe that I have come to expect as I worked my way down the coast.

I decided to be prudent and park at Dan's to take the San Diego trolley system to San Ysidro (a part of San Diego that is the US side of the border). The train let's you off and everyone goes charging up a concrete ramp bridge that winds over all of the car traffic. Its been stormy all day and the rain really began to come down when I cross the border. It was like a sign saying leave or be prepared to stay a while. Well I didn't even stay long enough to get a photo of myself. It was due to a lack of people in Tiajuana that looked like I wanted to hand them my camera (or blackberry in this case). Even in the rain it was a bit of a zoo. Hole in the wall pharmacies, taxi drivers barking "Taxi" and lots of street food that I want going to eat. That was about it so I turned around, walked over two more bridges and was suddenly in line for the US. There were only 15 people in front of me so it took about 5 minutes. I was surprised. Then again all I have is a licence, a passport, 50 bucks, a map, keys to Dan's and my phone all packed into my cargo shorts.

So I'm kind of on schedule (Oct 31 return to NYC)! This doesn't mean that I'm not nervous about wasting too much time along the way back.
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